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Google launched a new product called “Google wave” which is the next evolution of e-mail. It has many exciting features and benefits. One of most important benefit is the “Rich Formatting”. Google wave is single solution which combines the aspect of emails, Instant messages, web chat, project management and social networking.

Google wave is a web based collaboration tool that let us to communicate and collaborate with others. You can bring all your business partners together to discuss about an event or to share files.

How Google Wave is used in Business?

Google wave is social communication platform which can be used in many business applications to share information. It is used in many sectors of a business. Google wave is used by companies (large or small) to organize conversations; and to keep informed about source code changes among partner companies, etc.
Any part of the communication can be edited by anyone participating in the wave. Google wave is used for collaboration on writing documents, decision making and coordinating department workflows. It’s a unique tool that provides the ability to select individuals and groups to whom they want to share the content. Since content is web-based, they can update it in real time.
Since commenting is important for collaboration, if anyone is giving presentation, the other people in room could post questions and comments without interrupting the user with the help of Google wave. By using this tool, you can be sure that your voice is heard when it needs to be. It is also possible to share photos and collaborate on albums. All participants on a wave can add photos and help write captions together. It’s a great way to prepare a group album.
Share files
It’s very hard to attach large files while sending in traditional email. But Google wave as changed the trend. You can upload files which will be attached like photos where you can also rename it.
The recipient can download all the files at once by clicking on the files drop down menu under the wave and selecting download all. You can attach files up to 20 megabytes in size. Spell checking feature is available in Google wave by just composing the message. It will automatically check the spelling as it is typed. This spell check feature is available in variety of languages other than English.
Updating a website
Blogging was tedious task because of blogging software. But it’s possible by embedding Google wave into web pages and updates it efficiently without much effort. To do so, you need to add “embeddy@appspot.com” to your wave contacts.
Add embeddy to your new or existing wave. It will show a code snippet which allows you to choose options like width, height, background color, font etc. copy that and paste it in notepad. You can remove the embeddy and can make your Google wave view public. Copy the script before tag and place the tag wherever you like to see the wavelet.
Project Management
Using Google wave it’s possible to discuss a company event especially when all participants are not located in same place.
All can gather in wave and let the conversation flow. Similarly a project can also be discussed by collaborating not only with internal stakeholders but also with external suppliers. You can lay out the entire project in single wave when the parameters are agreed upon. Then you can work through each facet with each side tracking progress. And everything gets documented now and then. A new project requirement is added in new wave for later considerations.
Google wave extensions fall under two areas namely robots and gadgets.

  • A robot is an automated participant on a wave. Robots are application which run in “cloud” and can modify state within cloud itself. Robots perform actions in response to events.- Robots API can perform actions such as modify information in a wave, interact with participants on a wave, access or modify state in a third party system, communicate and synchronize information in a wave to the outside world.- A gadget is a small application that runs within a client. The gadget is owned by the wave, and all participants on a wave share the same gadget state.- Gadget can perform task such as finding out current viewer and all the other participants on the wave, work cordially with the wave playback mechanism, access more granular state management.
  • Extension installer is a package consisting of one or more of extension metadata, one or more hooks, and actions.
  • Extension installers run on a client and can access both robots and gadgets, so their behavior depends on which elements they include.

Getting Started With Google Wave

      If you have a Google account, it’s easy to use Google wave by heading over to wave.google.com and sign up. You should create an account by giving your personal information, security questions, and password to get started with Google wave. Other details like login information, IP address and interaction with user interface elements and links should be given. Google collects that information to provide Google wave service to you.
      Some of features of Google wave are extensions; easy embedding facility, open source, drag and drop file sharing, playback facility, real time information, mobile support. Google wave replaced the habitual e-mail system and improve them with more interactive features to deliver the information. Google wave is hybrid of traditional e-mail service and traditional instant messaging. Today messages no longer need to be sent from one place to another, but could become conversation in the cloud.
      Google wave is very useful tool that helps the most in taking online classes, online seminars, and online presentation. By means of Google wave, it’s advantageous to present educational materials in a fast and easy way.

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