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How to become a guest blogger

      Expert Guest Posting Tips to Help You Find and Keep Guest Blogging Gigs.

      If you’re interested in becoming a guest blogger for the world’s top blogs, this article is for you. Here, we’ll give you insight on what top blog editors are looking for when reviewing and guest blogs. We’ll also share some powerful guest posting tips on how to get your posts approved easily.

      There are many aspects that top blog editors consider when selecting guest bloggers. Some editors are more stringent than others, but here are four of the more commonly sought after attributes:

  • Top blog editors look for quality writing. They want real value added to their blogs, so they tend to select bloggers that can serve as an authority on subjects, and offer exceptional insight and knowledge about particular topics
  • A common goal for most top blogs is to improve readership. Therefore, editors look for bloggers that have an engaging writing style that can capture an audience.
  • For long term contributors, editors look at reliability as a key factor. Editors look for bloggers they can count on to contribute posts on a regular basis.
  • Many top blog editors look for guest bloggers that already have an active audience across social media channels.


      Here’s are some guest posting techniques for finding top blogs:

      First, determine what blog topics suit you. What’s your specialty? On what topics can you offer exceptional insight?

      Now that you’ve narrowed down what topics you have a strong affinity for, do a Google search to find relevant top blogs. For example, if you feel that you can write an informed blog about gambling, do a Google search using such keywords as “gambling” followed by such phrases as “guest post”, “guest posting guidelines”, or “submit a guest post”, etc. Your search result pages should bring you to guest posts written by other writers, and will also lead you to submission pages that should detail specific guest posting guidelines.

      Also, do a social media search. Most top bloggers promote themselves by posting their guest blogs on various social networks. Twitter is used often for self-promotion, so run a Twitter search similar to the way that you did a Google search. Using the same topic example as above, you can search Twitter for “gambling guest post” to find the latest tweets about the subject.

      Make sure to read the guest blogs of other estabished top bloggers. No matter the industry, chances are you’ll find the same set of top blogger names popping up over and over again. When you see a post written by a top blogger that you like, don’t be afraid to jump in there and make a comment about it. In fact, bridging the communication with established bloggers can actually help you land a guest posting spot in the future. If a top guest blogger introduces you to a blog editor, you’ll have a very strong chance of turning that introduction into a guest blogging gig.

      Another way to find guest blogging opportunies is to search the internet for sites that are actively looking for guest bloggers. There exists many blog posts that provide an aggregated list of places that are looking for contributors.


      Now that you’ve found the top blogs that you’d like to guest post for, here’s a checklist of what you should do before you make direct contact with the blog editors:

  • Get to know the top blog’s content well, along with the audience the blog is trying to connect to. Is the blog targeting an audience with a beginning level of understanding, or a more advanced one? Are the blog posts more general, or are they more detailed?
  • As already mentioned, you should read the posts of other guest bloggers that regularly contribute to your targeted top blog. Don’t just stop at reading their blogs, though. Read the blog’s comments as well. Gain an understanding about how active the current guest blogs are in social media feeds.
  • Pinpoint those blog topics that are doing well with the top blog’s audience. There are many sites out there that can analyse a website domain, and tell you the topics that are being shared the most across social media feeds, such as Twitter, Google+, Digg and more.
  • Give top blog owners and editors a chance to get to know you before you ask to be a guest blogger. A great way to to build a rapport with blog owners is to comment on their blogs. If a top blog owner or editor is already familar with your insight, you’ll have a greater chance of becoming a guest blogger.
  • Timing is key, so be on the lookout for those opportunities that can suddenly arise. With social media and such, the internet has a way of connecting us all. You might run into an occasion where a blog you’d like to contribute for actually mentions you, your company, or your service. If you ever run across this type of arbitrary mention, this would be a great time to connect with the top blog editor or owner and ask to contribute content.
  • Make sure to read the guest posting guidelines very carefully. Some blog editors might want you to send in a pitch about what you would write about; others might ask for a full post. Make sure that anything you send in is formatted per their specfications.
  • When writing to a top blog editor, make sure that you take the time to write apersonalized email, not a template-type form letter. Search the top blog site for the name of the blog’s editor or owner, and address your email accordingly. In your email, if it’s appropriate to do so, provide links to your published posts, especially those that have generated a high level of social engagement.


      Now that you know what top blog editors are looking for, and have put the guest posting tips above into practice, you’re ready for the next step. Below, you’ll find some guest posting techniques that will make your blogs stand out:

  • Remember that you are not guest posting on a top blog to promote yourself, your company, your services or your products. You’re guest posting in order to provide an audience with valuable information. Don’t focus on you or your business; instead, focus on the topic.
  • When guest posting, follow the same style guidelines that the other posts have adopted. For example, if previous blogs use a lot of images, or special formatting, such as bolded text, headers, etc., then you should do the same.
  • Many top blog editors want content that includes internal links that direct back to previous posts. Some top blog editors want external links as well. Make sure you know what your top blog editor’s preferences are so you can comply accordingly.
  • Make sure to encourage feedback from your readership. At the end of your blog, consider including a call to action for comments or questions. Your blog is only as good as the discussion it generates.
  • Keep the conversation going. Make sure to reply to any comments that your blog gets.
  • Finally, don’t forget to promote your guest blogs through your own social media audience. When you promote your guest posting to your own audience, you’re also promoting the top blog itself, and that’s something that top blog editors and owners will appreciate.

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I have never tried guest blogger. But reading for posts like this one of yours made me change my mind. You've got great information there. - Jill Mendez Jun 11, 2013

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Nice article sir,it is very helping for me,thanks - Sumit Thakur May 17, 2013

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