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I have been working as freelancer for more than 8 years. I came across number of clients; each one has their own attitude of getting works.

Someone will always gratify you; someone will not react to your actions. There may be clients who never get satisfied. But in my whole experience all customers are genuine if you do their work more than what they expect.

In the latest study from Amazon products, over 90% of Buyers believe that the ability of freelancer improves during first one month of work. We usually call this way “First impression is best impression”.

Here I will share my thoughts of how you can actually make an impact on clients in first few months.


The best way to impress new clients is through communication. But do it in an optimistic way. Make sure of using proper channel to do that. Lack of communication will always show your lack of interest.

Updating Daily Report:

It’s a duty of every freelancer to update the work report on daily/weekly basis depending on your business. This shows your professionalism on work. Clients’ believe that you are trust worthy freelancer and work regularly even without anyone noticing you.

Passionate Towards Work:

Always show interest more than what you serve. For example if you are writing blog article for one of your client, always rise the question about blog maintenance and showcase your works in passive way. But don’t do this in active mood because it may reverse in case of misunderstanding.

Proper Payment:

Always request payment, only you done with your work. Never ask for compensation for your personal urgency.

Say No:

Never commit the works which you are not eligible, it may reflect in your other modes of business. Always think of your name and company name should have some brand value. Brand value of yours will improve one and only if you serve the right thing.

Listen to Clients’ Thoughts:

Always listen to the clients even though there may be some flaw in their design idea, just wait for the time and express your thoughts. It’s good to use comfortable words when we are in the meeting. Clients will always prefer the person who can come down and explain to their level.

Track the Current Market Trend:

It’s always good to watch clients’ market strategies to improve their business as well as ours. But use this in an innovative manner and never enter into their private area.

Local Clients:

It’s good to meet in personal or as a team to enhance good relation. Arrange in some good place where we can share lots of business ideas. But be prepared to have a meeting, it’s better to go with some background studies about clients.



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Logu is a professional writer with 4 years experience as a blogger. He is working in a software industry as Tech lead. He has very good knowledge in the freelancing, Finance.

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