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QR Code for Marketing

QR Code: An Effective Tool For Marketing

      Quick Response code or a QR code is a type of 2- dimensional bar code which are similar to the currently appearing bar codes on all types of consumer products. They were originally used to track automotive parts in Japan and Korea but now area gaining attention all around the globe. The difference between QR codes and 1D standard codes lies in the fact that, QR codes can store more data about the product per unit area.

      Companies like Pepsi, Ralph Lauren, Best buy, Victoria’s secret campaign etc. have begun using QR codes in their advertisement and product promotion. It works as a paper based hyperlink which will diminish all the gap between this physical world and the online world. Just scan the printed QR code on the product and get as much information as you want of the same, which is otherwise difficult to mention on the product.

      Before going in detail about how to best utilize the QR code in marketing, let us first discuss about it. We often have new users, who are unaware of the topic. Let’s give them a brief idea.

How Do QR Codes Work?

      You have to simply scan the QR code with the camera equipped mobile device, which also has QR code reader application in it. One can easily download these application for free on popular smartphone platform. After the QR code scanning is completed as shown by the application, it is transferred to an actionable step, of a text message or opening up of a web page.

What a QR Code Can Do?

After the code is scanned, there are vast range of actions which can be performed on the user’s device like:

  • Viewing a mobile website
  • Send an email or a text message
  • View Google Map location
  • Download contact details
  • View special offer

      Using QR code can be a difficult task, you must be ready to adapt something new as it’s not compulsory. It’s just another tool which helps in marketing of the product though an effective one.

To Use or Not To Use?

      Seriously, it depends. Seeing the growth of the smartphone users, there’s a clear potential of QR code to be an effective tool for reaching offline audience. Also, you should know that when you advertise online, your users are limited in the area where people are always online. So, offline advertisement through QR code will certainly do the trick of getting offline customers.

      On the other hand, QR code marketing will not be convenient if your targeted users are not able to afford a smartphone or camera featured device. So, study your customer’s economic background and the place where you decide to market.

So if you are seriously going to use QR code in your next campaign, the following tips might be of great help:

  • See, if your need is fulfilled: I have seen, people getting with QR codes without any discernable purpose. Before slapping a QR code in your next campaign, make sure that does it actually adds user experience. Is it really that attractive or worthy, that people will take time to stop and scan.
  • Directed site must be Mobile optimized: You must never link users to a desktop site as, they are generally scanning it via their mobile, so a page, which is more a king of mobile view, is appropriate to user’s experience.
  • Where to place it: Placement is very important. For every marketing tool, you can achieve the optimum effect by placing it at certain positions and places. Take some time to think, where exactly you are going to place your QR code. Don’t place it somewhere up at the corner, which will be a difficult task for the user to scan it or even to get notice. Serve it right to them, in a plate size manner so that, they just need to place their device on it.
  • Size do matters: Keep it atleast 1 inch square in area, so that it doesn’t get unnoticed. And don’t even make it to large so, that the device fails to scan it. Make it of optimum size.
  • Entice the user: Users must get something worth, for spending their time in scanning the QR code. Instructions should be mentioned of the procedure and benefits which they are going to get.
  • Keep the URL short: More data means, smaller dots in your QR code, which will make the scanning process more difficult. To avoid this situation one might use URL shortener, so that the dots remains smooth and easy to scan.
  • Keep a track of it: You must now, how your QR code campaign is interacting with the users and what their experience is. Custom campaign URL or Bitly’s Tracking services can be used, to track users who scan your QR codes.

Generate your own QR code

      Now since you know a bit of QR code and its marketing tactics, you must get a QR code for your products. And the best part is, there are several services or sites which will generate your QR code for free, following are some name:

  • QR Stuff: It has a lot of data type options for you to encode.
  • Paperlinks: It is mainly used to generate QR code and track Campaign analysis.
  • Delivr: It encodes regular URLs, YouTube Links, Google Maps etc.
  • GoQR: URLs, vCARD, calls and SMS.

Few Examples of QR code in Marketing

  • QR Code in Business Cards: Business cards are the best place to add your QR Code, make sure it is of enough size to scan it in an iphone.
  • QR Code in trade Show: Business Trade shows are the best place for QR Codes. Use it in your Popup out banner or any form which makes an on moving customer to quickly convert to a lead.
  • QR Code for Quick Checkout: Starting from starbucks to small business, quick pay out can be integrated with QR code.
  • Free Download: QR code combined with free giving can do magic, share anything that excite your viewers. Give some reason for customers to scan your QR Code.
  • Competition: Sacan QR Code to participate in an Facebook campaign. Social Campaigns can get new heights if you use QR code marketing wisely. Verizon campaign with just $1000 spent, gained $35000 sales.

      Big names have started using QR codes, just to tap every bit of its advantage. As long as you are doing it in a right way, you are going to get both your online and offline customers. Make the best out of it.

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