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      Greatlance.com is vast proposal for finding Freelancers with various skills and knowledge. Here sellers are with enormous ability. So buyers can easily select the sellers to perform their project. Greatlance.com provides escrow service for the benefits of users.

      Facilities like escrow and dispute service make users to travel in safe mode with free of cost. In escrow, Greatlance.com accepts funds from buyers which are send to bid winner of project on a full time/part time payment basis. Greatlance.com will hold the funds until buyer request to release it to seller after completion of project.

     Escrow is safest method for money transaction. Greatlance.com provides 100percent security for buyer’s money through escrow service. Users should be aware to protect their work and money through escrow regardless whether you are buyer or seller. Some buyers may scam sellers by not paying for their service. If you use escrow, Greatlance.com helps you to demand payment from buyer. Here there are few tips regarding the same.

Tips to safe guard your work and money through escrow:

  • After selecting the bid winner, both the parties must sign an agreement specifying bid amount, requirements, and time limitations to complete the project.
  • If any issues in future you can submit the agreement as proof to dispute team by stating your problem. Our dispute assistance analyzes the problem and proof submitted by both the parties and makes a fair judgment.
  • Sellers can avoid the risk of not being paid for their service by using escrow. Seller’s project work is not transferred to buyers until he get paid for his service. Thus seller will be in safe zone by not getting scammed.
  • Escrow is hands-off service for buyers also. Buyers can be comfortable by depositing their money in escrow. Once seller submits the project report, buyers can release the funds in escrow.
  • If seller fails to report within given time limitations or when buyers feel the service is not up to expectation then they can get back their money safely through escrow. This escrow facility ensures that no funds are exchanged before all instructions of agreement have been completed.

Benefits of Escrow :

  • Complexities of safe guarding money are avoided in this straight forward escrow method. Greatlance.com acts as impartial third party which maintains escrow amount thus freelancers and buyers can be happy by showing attention on their duties.
  • Only issue that may occur is when buyer is slow to approve project. In some rare scenarios buyer may drag to approve the project which in turn delay the transfer of fund. But very fortunately this occurs exceptionally.
  • For example, when money is in escrow buyers have two options to release the fund or retrieve it back. Freelance graphic designer working for that project can either reject the amount or get paid for his service. This is clear picture of escrow progression.
  • Sellers cannot access the money in escrow but they are aware that buyers have money and they deposited in escrow. Since every one work for money, this becomes one of motivation factor for sellers to perform their work.

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