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Top 5 sites to find new startups and get inspired for your freelance business

      Everyday number of new startups are launched and equally number of startups are closed due to failure. But each startup remains inspirational and knowledge sharing for new business owners and especially freelancers who always want to expand the business. So this article is totally dedicated to freelancers who think out of box. Instead of doing the same activity again and again there are some innovative ideas available outside which you need to think of and apply it wherever it is applicable.

      Almost 90% of successful entrepreneurs are worked as freelancers in their younger age, these are the guys who made a rational thinking and came out and succeed. So the question now is “how to be innovative in your business?”

      First and foremost think we should do is first listen to the people who are already innovative, the below sites helps you to know the new startups launched every year, every week and even every day.


      Killer startups is a single big source for finding new startups all over the world. They work under the tag line of “where Internet entrepreneur are the stars” but even freelancers can be the stars if they use this big resource wisely.


      Almost 1 million views daily hits killer startups, viewers starting from angle investors, entrepreneurs, web owners, etc. They separated all this startups in a separate category where you can find your own niche of startups and relevant innovation very easily.

      This helps freelancers to get to know what was happening around your field and try to leverage with it.

The startup videos.com

      It’s of new launch but very informative and innovative. They talk all about videos of startups and importance of having explainer video to any new products. This site graphics are excellent where freelancers can definitely have look and grasp the importance having a cool design.


      In thestartupvideos, they showcase startup videos which are of highly creative and efficiently performing.

      This site helps freelancers to know the growing trend on video, video making tips and extraordinary videos to get inspired on your next video project.


      Kickstarter is a crowd funding websites with more than 62,000 startup projects launched with more than $229 million raised until July. Kickstarter is a great place to know new innovative ideas which are posted, appreciated, even grown bigger.


      Freelancers who have some wonderful idea but no fund to start the project, it’s for sure Kickstarter will help you in a long way to go. But make sure it has only 44% of success rate, so make sure to use this big platform in an innovative way to fund your new business kickstart.

Mashable startups

Mashable startups

      Mashable startups is the part of big tech news covering site mashable, who exclusively cover startup news and awesome happening around it. Here freelancers can get to know the growing startups which may break out like Facebook or twitter in near future.



      On startups is the India based website started by Mr.dharmesh shah which covers every aspects of startups and its importance in the freelance and small scale business model. Here you can find startup resources, Q and A on startups, online community and excellent social engaging.

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Very good list. Lot of startup companies are displayed in these websites. Each and every company have unique idea and execution. - Jeff Jul 28, 2012

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