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Why Animated Explainer Video Is So Important For Any Startup Company

      Did you know that after 72 hours of visiting a certain website, people remember only 10% of the text, 65% of the images and visuals, and a staggering 90% of the video? So, if you really need to make an impression that lasts, add videos to your website.

      Before we start with serious facts and figures, let’s just picture a simple scenario. You visit websites of two different companies, each one new and previously unknown to you. The first one is a fairly made website with a nice UI and a whole page of introduction explaining their concept and the idea behind their product or service. The second one is again a well-made website with a good UI, but with minimum text and a video explaining the idea. Would your reaction be any different for both them?

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Pinterest can help for freelancers and SMEs.

        Like Facebook, Twitter & Groupon, Pinterest is getting more popularity in very short time especially in women circle. Similar to other social network which drives most of the freelancers, Pinterest helps freelancer in marketing, getting more inspiration on graphical images, sharing interest with new people which may be your future client.

        So it has all the same mantra what other social networking sites promises for freelancers.

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