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Top 5 sites to find new startups and get inspired for your freelance business

      Everyday number of new startups are launched and equally number of startups are closed due to failure. But each startup remains inspirational and knowledge sharing for new business owners and especially freelancers who always want to expand the business. So this article is totally dedicated to freelancers who think out of box. Instead of doing the same activity again and again there are some innovative ideas available outside which you need to think of and apply it wherever it is applicable.

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2012 Content Marketing Study And Strategy for Small Business

Without any doubt about this:

        2012 would be the great period for content marketing and as usual freelance writer will be of great demand everywhere. With the much attention centered on the creation and publication of contents that entrepreneurs did in the last year, no one is able to analyze what this year will bring. Since content marketing trends for 2012 are moving so quick, this is a glance at what would be in as well as out in 2012.

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IPhone applications are not only used for entertainment purpose but also in business now-a-days. Purpose of using Iphone is more in current trend than the time when Iphone has been launched. Iphone is used in almost all applications starting from simple applications like adding contacts to address book, assigning speed dial to chat with your friends and many more advanced applications. IPhone uses Wi-Fi and 3G to connect to internet which can be used for several other purposes.

The usage of IPhone is vital in business. That too it’s most important if you are into online business. People need IPhone applications to handle their business using advanced methods by which they can outstand in high competition.

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       Small/medium scale business is growing greatly which provides huge contribution for the development of the economy. SME entrepreneurs invest only small capital amount initially and start the organization with only few employees. Their work timings are flexible and those employees need to manage all department works which is hectic.

       SMEs got relieved from work tension after the introduction of freelance business into the market. Freelance business supports small and medium companies by taking part in their work tasks. Thus freelance marketplace and SMEs go hand in hand in recent trends. Now we shall discuss the working strategies of SMEs with freelancing people. Therefore these tips may help young entrepreneurs to handle the business in more effective manner.

How freelancing jobs help SMEs trade?

       Mostly SMEs are more in number when compared to large scale organizations. Small or medium businesses need to face many challenges in their trade to move their business to hype. They need to work hard to build their brand name and attract customers. They also need to compete with giant organizations. SMEs are inadequate in human wealth and also in capital amount. They can’t afford more money to complete simple project works. Therefore it became mandatory and easy to hire freelancers to complete their work. .

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Portfolio is the collection of various assets that suits to a site which helps in enhancement of the business. A portfolio is the one which explains the site to others in a simple way and it will be easy for customers to navigate through the site. Let’s see how to make our portfolio better than our competitors.

Should reflect your work

The portfolio should be simple and easy to understand to the visitors. It should resemble the information about your work that has been live. Exact information about your business and products leads to more visitors in a quick span of time.

Compare with competitors

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