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      Greatlance.com is vast proposal for finding Freelancers with various skills and knowledge. Here sellers are with enormous ability. So buyers can easily select the sellers to perform their project. Greatlance.com provides escrow service for the benefits of users.

      Facilities like escrow and dispute service make users to travel in safe mode with free of cost. In escrow, Greatlance.com accepts funds from buyers which are send to bid winner of project on a full time/part time payment basis. Greatlance.com will hold the funds until buyer request to release it to seller after completion of project.

     Escrow is safest method for money transaction. Greatlance.com provides 100percent security for buyer’s money through escrow service. Users should be aware to protect their work and money through escrow regardless whether you are buyer or seller. Some buyers may scam sellers by not paying for their service. If you use escrow, Greatlance.com helps you to demand payment from buyer. Here there are few tips regarding the same.

Tips to safe guard your work and money through escrow:

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Freelancers deal with clients on daily basis regarding business. Thus good freelancer-client relationship is required. The parameters required to obtain such a relationship are reliability, friendly and business oriented communication, responsibility etc. It is must for every freelancer to find and deal business with good clients. These are few tips to find right client. The common characteristics among good clients are:

They Respect Freelancers Time:

Time is most important factor for all kind of business. Clients know the value of every minute. They respect their time as well as freelancer should complete the project within given time limitations. Clients who respect time will be punctual in work, available for communication without delay. This helps freelancers to communicate their work plan and also to get ideas for completing their work.

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