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In freelancing jobs you often come across different types of customers since you have to work in diverse projects each time. Therefore it becomes necessary for you to understand the type of customer you are dealing with and strategies to handle them effectively.

Here are the lists of types of customers and tips to deal them:

Faithful Clients:

There are many clients who trust the freelancers work. When you do more work for them then they will refer you to many other clients easily. Once you get reputation from these types of clients then you survive easily in freelancing business.

How to Deal with Them:Understand the project requirements of these clients clearly and reproduce the same to get good results. In turn, you get good name from these people easily. However you need to handle every project with care to outstand in heavy competition.

Happy and Thankful clients:

Do you feel great when clients appreciate your freelancing jobs?

Yes there are clients who appreciate your work easily and be thankful for helping them in their work. They send appreciation mails, thank you through phone, chat etc.

How to Deal with Them: Show more interest in these clients work not only to get appreciation but also to move to next level of freelancing business.

Budget Clients:

Of course every client prepare budget to handle their projects in profitable manner. But these types of clients are very curious in budgeting for simple tasks also. They do this because they may run out of money.

How to Deal with Them: If these clients ask for repeated work or more work, try to give less priority for their work or just say “no” if you are in tight schedule in other works. For example, if you are freelance developer handling a project for budgeting client when you are asked to do testing works or website redesign work for less payment then neglect those works.

High-Tech Clients:

Some may be more technically sound while doing projects. They can observe your technical works easily. Therefore you may be appreciated for good work or get caught easily for mistakes committed.

How to Deal with Them:Accept their project only when you have potential to complete the work successfully. Learn more things and produce best results.

Always Angry Clients:

Either due to business or environment, few clients may always shout at freelancers. These clients are very typical to handle. They often scold because of tension.

How to Deal with Them: Don’t get panic or depressed when they scold. Just relax and try to explain your work. Prepare a “to-do” list and complete it accordingly. Therefore you won’t give any chance for them to scold you.

Chatty Clients:

The talkative clients use to chat about everything-business, project, world news, sports etc. It may be irrelevant and time wasting task to collaborate with those clients.

How to Deal with Them: When you think that the client is diverting from project topic, ask some questions related to freelancer jobs you are dealing with.

Disinterested Clients:

The uninterested clients are easy to identify. You can understand them in first meet itself. They are less explanatory even to relevant questions.

How to Deal with Them: Be friendly and straight forward in their business. Be humorous while getting information from them.

Suspicious Clients:

I would say these types of clients are very tricky in handling. They distrust your work even if you have correct information.

How to Deal with Them: Practically it’s very hard to manage clients like this. But you can send proper report of each and every work through mail which will avoid confusions.

Aggressive clients:

You are forced to do many works in short duration when you handle an aggressive client’s project.

How to Deal with Them:Be polite and make them understand that you work effectively in the provided time duration.

Tension Free Clients:

It’s always happy to work with tensionless clients. They are relaxed and productive.
How to Deal with Them: you are very lucky to get these clients’ projects. Try to make them as repeated clients by providing best results.

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