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The categories of freelancers in business are firmly split into two camps. First category is marketing service by knowing the importance of it. And other is marketing about work ability of them for making money. The following are the essential steps to be followed by new freelancers to achieve their target in this profession.

Steps to win the bidding process:

Step 1: Create a Professional Profile
Profile is a major source for buyers to know about your specialized skills. So it should be attractive and professional. Buyers understand about you through your report and decide whether you are suitable for their job. So profile must be unique and informative. And also it’s mandatory to update your profile with work experience after completion of each project.

Step2: Review of Available Projects
Once you are ready with your profile start to review the projects available. While you search for projects know your skills and knowledge and select project matching your profile and bid for it. For example, if you are very good in web designing then select projects regarding creation of website, website management etc.
Step3: Bidding the Project The biggest challenge faced by all freelancers is to win the first bidding project. So it is a good idea to start bidding for small projects. When sure of your capability start bidding for large projects. Don’t bid for projects without hope of completing it. Do remember to make sensible bidding. Make an honest personal evaluation before bidding the project and it is also necessary to think whether you are capable of doing the work within given time limits. Avoid working for buyers who have negative rating.
Step4: Description about Bidding
Go through the requirements and attachments of the selected project carefully and bid accordingly. If you have any doubts on requirement ask that in your bid details. Thus buyers understand that you have gone through project details. And also make sure to mention your skills and ability in crisp manner. Avoid saying stories which may bore the buyers.
Step5: Analysis of Project
After winning the project make a note of certain things like abstract of project, time limitations, resources needed etc. Do a complete study of project before proceeding with it. Give respect for your job and work to achieve the target. Know the basic rules of getting the rating and work hard for that. Have time to think about pros and cons of project and also how to overcome the disadvantages. Follow your own style of doing the project and feel comfort with it.
Step6: Time Management
Time management is important tool required for handling any kind of project. Learn the slogan of accomplishing more in short duration of time. Split complex task into many small modules and work on it. This will reduce the work stress. Prioritize your modules and work accordingly. Task with greater importance should be done first followed by less importance work. Love your job and follow the rules based on customer requirement while doing it. You can earn handsome amount of money only by getting good reputation. So it takes time for new sellers to claim the ladder of success.
Step7: Positive Feedback
It is important to get positive feedback after completing the project. This positive ranking gives an optimistic attitude about you to rest of world. So put forth all your work ability together to get this positive feedback from buyers. Be loyal in your work and also follow other four steps to get this positive feedback. Also keep in mind that buyers won’t choose providers who have negative ranking.

There are few bonus tips as follows:

Communication with Buyers:
It is possible to communicate with buyers regarding project through PRIVATE MESSAGE BOARD (PMB). And avoid chatting privately. By this way of communication you can build trust and become reliable freelancer. Ask questions regarding project and also say about your plans as outline to them so that buyers have satisfaction on your work. React as soon as possible for queries raised by buyers.
Have Awareness on Latest Technology:
It is fact that technology keeps on changing. So be conscious of learning new technology to win the competition. And also implement those in your work. This will surely raise the standard of work you do. By implementing this new technology you can avoid errors and time consumption of debugging it.

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Logu is a professional writer with 4 years experience as a blogger. He is working in a software industry as Tech lead. He has very good knowledge in the freelancing, Finance.

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