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In this technology driven world client should be treated as “king”. As a freelancer, you should please them to make good manages. In order to gratify the clients you can choose different options like

  • Presenting your prior project success stories.
  • Showing your skills in new technologies.
  • Doing a pilot project to make the clients identify your knowledge.

Tips for fresh freelancers:

It would be really hard time for you to get projects if you are new to freelancing business. You have to overcome many obstacles to reach the goal of earning money from project works. Once you are identified as a reputable freelancer then gaining clients’ projects will be easy. Therefore these are few tips for you to outstand in freelance market.

  • In order to get freelancing jobs it is better to do one or two free services initially. And the service should be successful. After giving free service freelancers should be in touch with past and current clients. Thus when they have a new service, you will be referred in first priority.

    For example a freelance developer is a fresher and he does not have any experience and referrals. Then clients hesitate to offer project for the first time. If the freelance developer offers free service to the clients then he will be experienced and can ask those clients for referrals. This can be one approach.

  • On looking into Second approach you should be updated with new technologies which are changing day by day. You should get grip of the new technology and show the clients that you are capable of handling any kind of project and make it successful.
  • If you take the third one as an option, in order to please a new client, you can do a pilot project or (POC) proof of concept and get clients’ approval.

    For example, a freelance graphic designer in order to get his client he should present his skills by doing a free service. Once the freelance graphic designer gets the client approvals for that service he can be accessible to his next client and please them to get more opportunities. This can be one of the approaches.

  • The Fourth approach would be breaking the big project into modules and sub modules. In order to drive the clients, divide the project in to small chunks and take one or two parts of that project and do a free service and make it successful. Client will be impressed on seeing your work or service and may give the rest of the project to you.

    For example, a freelance programmer in order to get clients he should divide the big project into several tasks. Then he can take one or two parts of the project and he can do free service. Then the client will be impressed and he will offer the rest of the project. This is one of the best ways to drive the clients.

  • I hope any of these approaches can drive clients, if you are able to present your talents and impress the clients. Any freelancer can follow these tips to get clients.

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Logu is a professional writer with 4 years experience as a blogger. He is working in a software industry as Tech lead. He has very good knowledge in the freelancing, Finance.

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