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7 Tips for Freelance Writer to Get New Clients from LinkedIn

      When it comes to finding writing gigs, freelancers know that social media may not be the most appropriate place. Facebook, Twitter and other mainstream social media websites may be good places for businesses, but for a freelancer, they can be a bit more personal than you might want to get with your clients. LinkedIn proudly differentiates itself from any other social media website by being a strictly professional social media platform but with enough personal space to establish credibility and comfort between clients and freelancers.

      LinkedIn is a network of professionals belonging to almost every industry from around the world. While people consider it an excellent place to find jobs or resources for a job, a few writers realize its potential for providing excellent writing gigs. Even if they do realize it, they don’t really have much idea about using it to its full potential. So, if you haven’t been able to make much from LinkedIn so far, here are a few tips that might give you a nice boost.

  • A Presentable Profile - Or should we say a promotional profile? Let’s face it, social media is all about showing off an in the case of LinkedIn, it’s your skills and qualifications you need to showcase. So, first things first. A profile is what attracts prospects on the first place. The key to making it more attractive is to optimize it using suitable keywords. Provide links to your blog, website or portfolio if you have one.
  • One Status a Day -The status update feature may not look like much, but it can really help you catch the attention of your prospects. It can be used as your very own business announcement board. You can talk about your recent project and how much you are enjoying it. You can ask for a little help or assistance yourself. Just keep posting to let the world know that you are a real pro with some serious work.
  • Window Shoppers to Clients - You can’t really buy or sell anything on LinkedIn but there is a lot of window shopping going around. LinkedIn allows you to see who has recently visited your profile. If you have an impressive profile, you will find that many people visit you every day. By visiting their profile, you can easily tell if they are looking for a writer. Don’t feel shy to leave a message asking if they need your services.
  • Reconnect and Be Referred - Since there is no matchmaking going on at LinkedIn, people are usually more honest here. That is why it is so easy to find your old colleagues and clients. You can connect to them and ask them if they can refer or recommend you. This greatly increases your professional credibility as well as your chances of getting a gig.
  • Be an Expert - The most apparent sign of an expert is the ability to answer other’s questions. That is why the Answers tab is probably the best place to establish you as an expert on LinkedIn. Keep visiting the place as an active expert and see if there is an issue you can resolve. It takes a lot of time out of your busy schedule, but the results can be extremely rewarding.
  • Join Groups - Groups are wonderful places where likeminded people come together and discuss issues. Writers also tend to talk about many things including compensation and clients. Some might even want to share leads and overflow jobs.
  • Use Apps - LinkedIn has some great applications to help its users. Some of them may prove to be great for writers specifically, for instance, the Blog Link app that synchronizes your blog account. Browse through thousands of other apps and you will find at least a hundred useful ones for yourself.

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Nice article, the tips are very useful to attract clients as well as to get new clients. - George Jun 21, 2012

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Very good tips, i got 10 new clients. 8 more clients are discussing with me. Thanks for the author. - Henry Jun 17, 2012

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