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Client proposal is very important for service providers to get the freelancing jobs. Usually in all online job boards, clients hire a freelancer on seeing his/her client proposal. Therefore at most attention should be given while submitting client proposals. Here are few tips for freelancers to create a best client offer to win a project in heavy competition.

Make a Research on Client as well as on Project Work:

Before bidding for a project, have enough research on project as well as about the client. This shows your interest and dedication towards the work. Check the feedback given to that client and also verify whether the client is correct in paying money for freelancer jobs. Analyze the project details clearly and think whether you are capable of doing the work effectively.

Use Professional Words While creating a proposal:

After completing the analysis work, bid for the project if you are interested in it. Use ethical and professional words while creating a proposal. Avoid irrelevant or commanding words like “accept my bid”, “I want to work in this project”, “select me” etc.

Instead, you can put forth the words which highlight your capability on handling the project. For example, if you are freelance developer and like to work in software development project then create a proposal stating that you have years of experience in similar kind of works and you can complete the work within deadline. Also mention the technologies or skills you used in previous projects.

Don’t Bid Too High or Too Low for the Project:

Have a research on latest freelancing jobs trend which will help you while giving a bid amount. The disadvantages of bidding too high or too low amount:

  • When you bid huge amount, clients may think that you are over qualified for job. Some clients may not be in situation to afford bulk amount for project. Hence they may reject your client proposal.
  • Client may recognize you as inexperienced person when you bid fewer amounts.

Quote the Correct Deadline:

Deadline plays the prime factor for a client to select your proposal. Each freelancer can specify their own boundary date to complete the project. Don’t simply give the target date, if you think you cannot complete the project on or before the quoted date. After reading the project description carefully, analyze and split dates for each and every task. You can also mention it in your proposal. Thus client will understand that you have analyzed the project and also fixed the deadline correctly.

Provide only One or Two Best of Your Sample Works:

Dumping the client proposal sheet with full of sample works may irritate the clients. Therefore pick one or few best sample works after going through all your past experience and submit the same in client offer. This will surely fetch good results and positive impact on you from client’s perspective.
Read and follow these tips while creating a client proposal which helps you to win the freelancer jobs.

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