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It is must to know the advantages and pitfalls about freelancing jobs and current freelancing market trend before getting into it. I hope this article would surely help new comers of freelancing domain to know about freelancing business and its pros and cons. In contrast to traditional working system, freelancing provides tremendous advantages to freelancers.

Now let us look into the 360 degree view about freelancing jobs which helps you to analyze the principles of freelancing in an easy manner.

20 Advantages of being a freelancer:

    • Freelancers get the opportunity of doing a new way of business as their scope of working is not restricted in the freelance world.
    • They can be independent workers or virtual workers for an organization.
    • Usually freelancers can work from home or in any other remote location.

  • Travelling cost and time of travelling to office in peak hours are absolutely eliminated in freelancing jobs.
  • Freelancers can work for more than one organization simultaneously; i.e., they are not tied up with one employer.
  • Freelancers can enjoy the flexible work timings. Freelancers can work during their own convenient timings.
  • Freelancers are free from daily work submissions. Therefore they can create a “to-do” list to remind them about pending works, after completing the work for each day.
  • If freelancers got sudden need of attending their family today, then they can postpone the freelancing work for the next day and give attention to their family provided they will make it up the next day and complete the pending works. Thus life, family and work are properly balanced.
  • Part-time freelancers and full time freelancers work under contract basis for the organizations.
  • It’s easy to get clients’ projects when freelancers win the reputation for their services.
  • When freelancers are engaged with too many freelance projects at the same time, then they can say “no” to new client projects.
  • After completing their current tasks they can accept new projects to work on it. Therefore stress can be avoided.
  • In freelancing jobs, clients from all over the globe approach you to get service help for their projects. Therefore along with geographical experience you can get international exposure also.
  • Freelancers have full freedom to choose their own projects and work on it. Instead of compelling works into a person though he doesn’t likes it, this seems to be the best option.
  • Freelancers can exhibit their multi-talents while working in projects. For example, if freelance developer is working on website development project, he/she can work on freelance writing project also if they have talent and interest to do.
  • By this way freelancers get job satisfaction and also this opens door to learn latest technologies in the industry.
  • Clients give positive feedbacks as an appreciation for your excellent project work done to them. You can get many new clients when you excel in freelance project works.
  • In case of buyers in freelancing industry, they can easily find freelancers and provide them the opportunity of working in their projects.
  • Freelancers can decide their own monthly income and can take projects depending on that.
  • Freelancing gives an excellent opportunity for the freelancers to learn new technologies, grow more on their field of interest and showcase their talents to the rest of the world.


Demerits in freelancing jobs:

All kind of works has its own merits and demerits. It will be helpful for freelancers if they know the dark side of the freelance business. Freelancers should maintain proper budget to get retirement amount and also to maintain taxes. Many freelancers suffer due to lack of health insurance.

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Suji, marketing guru. She is a active marketer, social media examiner and also posted lots of reports on ppc management, social advertisement, etc.

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I have browsed most of your posts. This post is probably where I got the most useful information for my research. Thanks for posting, maybe we can see more on this. Are you aware of any other websites on this subject? - Julianne Johnting Feb 22, 2012

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