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Google's Penguin Update: 8 Actions to be taken as a Freelance Writer

        The field of Freelance Writing is as much difficult and tricky to endure, as it is fascinating to pursue by choice. It should be noted that there are certain grounds and standards a freelance writer should abide with. To collect all these norms and to present them in helpful and appropriate manner, Google launched a specific web spam, which is named as Google Penguin Update.

        As a Freelance Writer, one is ought to follow certain guidelines that ensure the high standards and the quality of writing. Considering the violations of these quality measures over a period of span by Freelance Copy Write, Google Penguin Update is an attempt to make sure that these things are kept under control. Google’s announcement read, “In the next few days, we are launching an important algorithm change targeted at web spam. The change will decrease rankings for sites that we believe are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines.” We will have a detailed analysis of what a Freelance Writer is expected do after the launch of this Google Penguin Update.

Specific Guidelines of Google Penguin Update

  • Hidden Texts or Hidden Links should be avoided.
  • Sneaky redirects or cloaking is not advised for a Freelance Writer.
  • Sending automated queries to Google is strictly prohibited.
  • Freelance Copy Writer is not supposed to load pages with irrelevant keywords.
  • It should be followed that creation of subdomains, Multiple Pages or Duplicate Content Domains is not allowed.
  • Creation of pages with malicious behavior like installing viruses should also be avoided.
  • It is often noted that doorway pages are created just for search engines OR other cookie cutter approaches like affiliate Programs. Google Penguin Update strictly condemns that.
  • Value addition through participation in an affiliate program is considered as an important virtue for a Freelance Copy Writer.

        When we consider all the above guidelines mentioned in Google Penguin Update, we notice some of them are obvious expectations, in fact, things that are assumed from a Freelance Writer. Apart from this bunch of the rules, there are four basic principles to be followed.

Basic Principles

  • The concept of cloaking is at the heart of this first principle, which states that the focus should be at the Users and not at the Search Engine subsequently avoiding unnecessary deception.
  • Thinking only from the user’s perspective is what expected and recommended for Freelance Copy Writer to avoid tricks of improving Search Engine Rankings.
  • There is a practice observed, allowing outside links on the web page, a practice of Marketing. It advises not to follow it as it can affect your own ranking, as well.
  • Performing authorized operations are essential as it minimizes the risk of violation of Google’s Terms and Services.

        All the above Guidelines and Basic Principles are partly the old ones, which exist earlier. Google Penguin Update can be termed as an attempt to reinforce them again!

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Thanks for the amazing info. I find these posts have a lot of material. I can't wait to get a chance to impliment all these great posts. Thank you very much. - Lanfranco Sal May 24, 2012

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Surely a freelance writer will always write for their client and never be involved in any of the above practices anyway? I do some freelance writing and like most, I just send the articles to the clients. Creating cloaked and hidden links, installing viruses and creating subdomains is not something that the average freelancer needs to consider. - Jon May 6, 2012

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As usual this list threaten our freelance writing career. But even though they said not to concentrate much on seo, but still everything is going keywords links etc. I really don't know how to deal with this. - Dharun May 6, 2012

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