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This article tells about how twitter is useful for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME).Twitter is a marketing tool which acts as a media in having direct interaction with customers and clients. It provides an easier and quicker way of finding the interests of clients and promoting our products in market. It connects the people worldwide in marketing. As the followers in twitter, just follow us now to know more about it.


Twitter reduces the marketing and advertising costs for SME in market. SME can have direct interaction with the followers and clients. It is useful to involve ourselves fully in the areas where clients show much interest. It acts as a media for our company to connect with others in the world.

In SMEs, twitter acts as a tool in discovering our ideas, contents, links and area where we are expertise. Using twitter, one can quickly find the vendors, partners and technical people in the social media. It helps in directly promoting the products of SME to the targeted people in the market.

It boosts the level of marketing to the next level such as,

  • Small to Medium Enterprise
  • Medium to Large Enterprise


Twitter is very much useful for alerting marketers in time as per the scheduled meeting in it. It enhances the marketing strategies and helps in showing our status to clients. Most of the small sized enterprises use twitter in increasing the visitors to their websites and showing their sites worth attractive to them.

Twitter helps small sized enterprises in offering some good ideas to their followers, so that they can refer others to the site. Small enterprises can get opinions about the concern from the audience in the market.

Small Sized Enterprises are benefited from twitter in following ways:

  • Tweeting about their concern.
  • Attracting clients with their innovative ideas.
  • Getting positive feedbacks.
  • Promoting their products.


In medium sized enterprises twitter is useful in maintaining the clients and followers of their enterprises. The most important thing in SME is to promote and have good relationship in twitter with the clients who are following, and also with the partners. Regular updates can be viewed in twitter about our vendors. It’s a best medium for SME in making lots of conversations with various people.

Medium Sized Enterprises are benefited from Twitter in following ways:

  • Promoting their products.
  • Maintaining long lasting relationship.
  • Offering gifts to new followers.
  • Updating new contents.

In SME, Twitter acts like a supporting magic tool. Simply we can say it is marketers’ play ground where only success strikes. It tempts the people to tweet more and share many kinds of information. To sustain in the field, research and maintain the relationship of the followers. Finally, always keep following your followers to reach your target.

Author image Author :
Suji, marketing guru. She is a active marketer, social media examiner and also posted lots of reports on ppc management, social advertisement, etc.

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SME paying more concentration on twitter compared with big brands. The best way to leverage is to use twitter on our own instead of simply syndicating the feed content. - george Feb 23, 2012

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Yes always is of great use for freelancers to get some good clients from twitter but escaping from spam comments is a big thing - seema Feb 19, 2012

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