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Pinterest can help for freelancers and SMEs.

        Like Facebook, Twitter & Groupon, Pinterest is getting more popularity in very short time especially in women circle. Similar to other social network which drives most of the freelancers, Pinterest helps freelancer in marketing, getting more inspiration on graphical images, sharing interest with new people which may be your future client.

        So it has all the same mantra what other social networking sites promises for freelancers.

What to know about Pinterest before getting in?

  • First and foremost social network Pinterest took heavy weight on images/Pictures compared with Content.
  • All other social networks put more interest on Content and images help it way to convey what they want to say. But Pinterest is the reverse of existing networks where it has “Image as the King” and content comes next.
  • It acts like a pinboard, where anyone can pin their favorite stuff and others can repin it (similar to retweet), Like it and Comment on it. But have it in mind majority of users are women, so if your stuff focuses on women then it can go viral. Like Blog articles and tips are used for YouTube video for video marketing, Pinterest helps freelancer to convert their own writings into Images. But here images are designed vertically to fit the Pinterest Board.

Pinterest can help for freelancers and SMEs.

        Add your suggestion below on how pinterest can affect your freelance business and day to day activity. Its worth to try a 3rd Biggest social network. Open for comments.

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Suji, marketing guru. She is a active marketer, social media examiner and also posted lots of reports on ppc management, social advertisement, etc.

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I am a great fan of pinterest and always love to see others pinboard. Also freelancers should get themselves in to this big network to get the most out of social network. Freelancer are the only one who make this social networks a money making machine. - Jain Apr 19, 2012

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Great stuff. As you said pinterest sure going to help lots of freelancers like us, especially women. Proud at least this network free from men's dominant. - Diana Apr 19, 2012

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