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     Whenever there is a big change in brands it opens up a new way for lot of freelancers and SME’s to get benefit out of it. The latest Facebook timeline feature helps graphic designers to come up with new innovative ideas and thoughts for Timeline covers.

     Currently there are 40 million Facebook Pages approximately and facebook already made this timeline as mandatory. Just imagine the need for facebook timeline cover designs?Is not that huge?

     Yes it is! This article will help freelance graphic designers to know the basis of Facebook timeline cover designs, amazing samples to get impressed and finally to get clients on this.

There are 3 design scopes available for freelancers to get hands on with,

  • Cover Image/Photo
  • Profile Image/Picture
  • Custom Tab Images

1. Cover Image:

Size: 851 X 315 Pixels
     Cover Image is going to be the first and foremost to show the brand’s identity, so make sure it works like “Love at first sight”. Keep in Mind, now Facebook has shared some bigger area for designs compared to earlier. So make sure you use this space in an innovative way to stand out from competitors.

2. Profile Image

Size: 125 X 125 Pixels
     Compared to earlier designs the size shrinks, but still it can do magic if you combine with Cover Image. Also this facebook profile image looks smaller in Mobile apps like 50 X 50 pixel so it would be good to consider that too.

3. Custom Tab Images

Maximum you can display 4 Tabs
Size: 111 X 74 Pixels

Top 10 amazing Facebook Timeline Covers:

amazing face book cover design

Wonderful face book cover design

marvellous face book cover design

stunning face book cover design

Popular face book cover design
dazzling face book cover design
impressive face book cover design
Popular face book cover design
dazzling face book cover design
Wonderful face book cover design

We hope you got some basics of facebook timeline to kick start your journey on freelancing. Here you can find some quick tips to get clients who are in need of facebook covers.

Approach existing Clients:

     Since Facebook cover became mandatory, all business pages are in need of new cover designs. So it’s good to approach your old clients to get some freelance projects on this.

Cover your own page:

     As a freelance graphic designer, we know samples and portfolio works well than words or mails sent out from us. So make sure you design your own facebook profile before getting to clients. Also if you have one or two samples to show, it would be great to impress your clients.

Add this as Add on:

     You can also add this facebook timeline cover design work with little rise in cost to new clients. We have an evergreen rule on this “Ask for it even you feel you won’t get it”.
Do share your comments and also if you have any innovative Facebook timeline cover designs it helps everyone.

Author image Author :
Suji, marketing guru. She is a active marketer, social media examiner and also posted lots of reports on ppc management, social advertisement, etc.

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Thanks for sharing, it truly is a really informative publish and very helpful for some kind of businesses like mine. I like when I'm looking the world wide web and i come across a site with valuable points like this. Thanks lots for the research, We've noted a number of them here so I can use them in a future. Kudos for you and keep up the good blogging perform. - Henrietta C. Patten Apr 16, 2012

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Superb list. Facebook cover designs are great as mentioned. This type of changes really helps freelance designers to get some additional works and also do some creativity. - Martin Apr 12, 2012

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