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10 ways google glass


      In recent years, there’s been a lot of talk about wearable displays and 3D glasses. The concept of wearable displays isn’t a new one; after all, who doesn’t remember the iconic image of Star Trek’s Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge’s cool-looking visor, made famous 25 years ago?

      The future appears to have arrived. The phrase that’s currently buzzing on every tech lover’s lips and lighting up message boards everywhere is Google Glass.

      For those that don’t know, Google Glass is Google’s visionary, voice-prompted computer that’s designed to mount on your head just as ordinary glasses do. Unlike boring glasses, however, Google Glass won’t improve degrading eyesight, or protect eyes from harmful UV rays; instead, it will improve the very way that we live, at least that’s what Google is banking on. With Google Glass, information will no longer be at your fingertips, it will be in your line of sight in the near future.

      According to Google, the impetus to develop Google Glass came from a desire to remove the distractions that other hi-tech devices (smartphones, laptops, etc.) can create in our daily lives. Imagine a world in which we no longer have to fumble through our pockets to find our smartphones so that we can find the nearest Italian restaurants. With Google Glass, simply speaking a few short phrases, such as “Okay, Glass. Find the nearest Italian restaurants” will do the trick. Being able to deliver content immediately isn’t Google Glass’ only strength; the technology is designed to help users interact and share in the world around them.

      Google Glass is expected to hit the consumer market at the end of this year. Even though the technology is still being perfected, here’s what the first version of Google Glass should be able to do right out of the box:

  • Take a picture, or record a video, with a “you are there” perspective.
  • Do a google search.
  • Use instant message.
  • Use email.
  • Use Google Local, providing users with time, weather, etc.
  • Use Googe Maps for navigation and directions.
  • Use Googe Translation (written AND spoken).
  • Jump into Google+ Hangouts.

      Some people might wonder why the world needs a device like Google Glass, when we already have devices that can do the same thing. Remember that people made the exact same argument about Walkmans when they first hit the scene. And DVDs. And Ipods. And tablets. When you really think about it, the evolution to computerized head-gear makes complete sense, especially in this hands-free world in which we live.

      The uses for Google Glass version 1.0 might seem pretty rudimentary at first glance (after all, it would be nice to instantly capture those spontaneous moments around us by simply saying “Okay Glass. Take a picture”). What’s most exciting about Google Glass isn’t so much what this first version of the device can do, it’s where this technology is likely to go in the future.

10 Predictions On How Google Glass Can Revolutionize The Way We Live

      Here are ten exciting and creative ways that Google Glass can be used to make the world a better place:

  • Answer incoming calls from friends without having to fish out that cell phone. If you don’t feel like doing much talking, when your friend asks you what you’re up to, send him or her a snapshot or short video of what you’re looking at.
  • Improve your bargaining skills: when visiting Thailand, find out how to say “That’s way too much money to spend on such a poor quality wicker table” in Thai without ever having to unlock eyes with store employees.
  • If you work in IT, Google Glass will help you troubleshoot issues like never before. Did your client open up the CPU, and now can’t find where to plug in that blue wire? Get a bird-eye view of what he / she is looking at, then walk him / her through it.
  • Are you a little rusty on your emergency procedures? If a nearby stranger falls to the ground clutching the left side of his chest, get a instant walk through on how to get his heart pumping again. The added benefit is that you’ll be able to use both hands for that heart massage.
  • Have your boss guide you through delicate operations. This is particularly useful for heart surgeons.
  • Get the best shopping deals. Take one glance at that product’s bar code, then get real-time information about where you can buy the same product for 30% less. Or read instant product reviews and ratings.
  • Using face recognition technology, Google Glass can alert you when friends are in sight. Or when people you’re trying to avoid are in the neighborhood.
  • Face recognition can be very useful for security guards and police enforcement. Some major retail stores have already outfitted cameras throughout their properties that are able to identify known shoplifters via face recognition. With Google Glass, security guards could have the same ability while working on the street level.
  • Police officers could simply look at a driver’s license to instantly access a person’s criminal history and other relevant information.
  • At a glance, dentists and doctors can pull up valuable information, such as patients’ vitals, Xrays, known allergies, etc.

      These are just some ways that Google Glass can affect the way we live, but there are even more radical, game-changing uses for this technology. Imagine, for example, how Google Glass can benefit amputees that may only have one hand (or even no hands) to work with. Now, imagine the ripple effect that this could have on the medical industry. From both a personal standpoint and a commercial one, the potential uses of Google Glass are unlimited.

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No doubt, google glass is going to be a open tool where tons of apps gonna pour in. Apps makes this platform bigger, smarter and even touch big heights in near future. After Facebook, twitter, iPhone, next thing for sure going to be Awesome google glass. - Developer May 14, 2013

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Google glass is going to be the future of the world, just like smartphones. Google glass gonna achieve more than what it's happening now. It's going to be revolutionised tool where everything comes with hands free. Sure it will hit health care, retail, police officials, security, travellers, etc..... - Ritu May 14, 2013

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