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     Whenever there is a big change in brands it opens up a new way for lot of freelancers and SME’s to get benefit out of it. The latest Facebook timeline feature helps graphic designers to come up with new innovative ideas and thoughts for Timeline covers.

     Currently there are 40 million Facebook Pages approximately and facebook already made this timeline as mandatory. Just imagine the need for facebook timeline cover designs?Is not that huge?

     Yes it is! This article will help freelance graphic designers to know the basis of Facebook timeline cover designs, amazing samples to get impressed and finally to get clients on this.

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New year gives lot of excitement to everyone all over the world; it brings many changes, investment, interception, forwards in almost all fields. Likewise it makes new trends in freelance as well; In this article we are going to see about new trends of freelance network in 2011.

Raise Your Rates:

As you know how much you are earning from freelance work, raise your bar of rates; this makes your clients to know your way of improvement in this field. They will suggest you work and if your work is satisfactory, trust me your rates would never step down thereafter.

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IS FACE BOOK MAIL IS A THREAT FOR GMAILThe social media mammoth Facebook has recently launched Fmail, a new mailing system for Facebook users. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it’s not email but, it’s a “Modern Messaging System” business people calls this feature as Gmail killer.

What’s New:

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