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      Freelancing has become quite common over the years and is a good way of earning money. You get to be your own boss, choose your own timings, pick your own clients and set your own charges. However, designing a freelance contract for a freelance project can be a very daunting task. A weak contract can result in you losing your contract as well as your reputation. Below is a step-by-step procedure of drafting a freelance contract.

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7 Tips for Freelance Writer to Get New Clients from LinkedIn

      When it comes to finding writing gigs, freelancers know that social media may not be the most appropriate place. Facebook, Twitter and other mainstream social media websites may be good places for businesses, but for a freelancer, they can be a bit more personal than you might want to get with your clients. LinkedIn proudly differentiates itself from any other social media website by being a strictly professional social media platform but with enough personal space to establish credibility and comfort between clients and freelancers.

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Why Freelancers Should Read The Instagram $1 Billion Story Again

      Instagram, a mobile photo application, was launched in October 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom as a unique platform to share your world and your experiences with a few clicks. It allows Instagram followers and users to take a picture, apply a digital filter and share it on a variety of social platforms including on Instagram. With just 27 million users in March 2012, the burgeoning Instagram follower population worldwide has crossed more than 50 million after being acquired by Facebook.

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       We all have good knowledge about what is freelancing and what type of benefits and pitfalls we face as a freelancer. Neglecting the pitfalls, let’s enjoy the advantage of being a freelancer. Have it in mind Freelancers are the backbone of small companies and also now big cats too are using freelancers for some innovative works. Hence we should always feel proud to be a freelancer.

How to kick start your freelance Business

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2012 Content Marketing Study And Strategy for Small Business

Without any doubt about this:

        2012 would be the great period for content marketing and as usual freelance writer will be of great demand everywhere. With the much attention centered on the creation and publication of contents that entrepreneurs did in the last year, no one is able to analyze what this year will bring. Since content marketing trends for 2012 are moving so quick, this is a glance at what would be in as well as out in 2012.

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