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      Freelancing has become quite common over the years and is a good way of earning money. You get to be your own boss, choose your own timings, pick your own clients and set your own charges. However, designing a freelance contract for a freelance project can be a very daunting task. A weak contract can result in you losing your contract as well as your reputation. Below is a step-by-step procedure of drafting a freelance contract.

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I started my freelancing career last year on 9th June. On that note I like to write this article on same date through which I could share my one year of experience in freelancing.

Short description about myself: I am into freelancing business from my college final year and now I have completed my degree. I started working as full time freelancer. I handled nearly 100 freelancing jobs including article writing, proof reading, content writing, EBooks preparation, PPT preparation, report writing, PDF preparation etc. via Greatlance.com which is a freelancing website. I have ability to learn things easily and reproduce them to show best results. My hobbies are reading magazines, updating my writing skills, listening to music which I love to hear often.

Well, being a freelancer and working on freelancing jobs are amazing. I heard many people say that we should be serious while working. No coffee break, sit hours together in work room and do freelancing jobs one after the other. But according to me, we should work with enjoyment. If a person takes a job with stress, he/she CANNOT complete the work successfully. We need to have fun in between work, drink coffee, and refresh ourselves to give best quality results.

I would like to say few points to my fellow freelancers which will help them in their freelancing profession.

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Though freelance data entry jobs are simple, it needs to be handled with attention and alertness. Each work needs some skills related to that particular job. If you improve those skills you can take mastery over them. On coming to freelance data entry jobs, the following tips would be useful for you to improve the skills,

Increase your typing speed:

The most important parameter which is necessary for doing data entry works is typing speed. You need to type at least 22-25 words per minute. Check your typing speed and if you think that it is below the range then appropriate measures should be taken. If you have system in your home then you can practice typing on daily basis.
These are few essential tips to increase typing speed:

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Client proposal is very important for service providers to get the freelancing jobs. Usually in all online job boards, clients hire a freelancer on seeing his/her client proposal. Therefore at most attention should be given while submitting client proposals. Here are few tips for freelancers to create a best client offer to win a project in heavy competition.

Make a Research on Client as well as on Project Work:

Before bidding for a project, have enough research on project as well as about the client. This shows your interest and dedication towards the work. Check the feedback given to that client and also verify whether the client is correct in paying money for freelancer jobs. Analyze the project details clearly and think whether you are capable of doing the work effectively.

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It is must to know the advantages and pitfalls about freelancing jobs and current freelancing market trend before getting into it. I hope this article would surely help new comers of freelancing domain to know about freelancing business and its pros and cons. In contrast to traditional working system, freelancing provides tremendous advantages to freelancers.

Now let us look into the 360 degree view about freelancing jobs which helps you to analyze the principles of freelancing in an easy manner.

20 Advantages of being a freelancer:

  • Freelancers get the opportunity of doing a new way of business as their scope of working is not restricted in the freelance world.
  • They can be independent workers or virtual workers for an organization.
  • Usually freelancers can work from home or in any other remote location.

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