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QR Code for Marketing

QR Code: An Effective Tool For Marketing

      Quick Response code or a QR code is a type of 2- dimensional bar code which are similar to the currently appearing bar codes on all types of consumer products. They were originally used to track automotive parts in Japan and Korea but now area gaining attention all around the globe. The difference between QR codes and 1D standard codes lies in the fact that, QR codes can store more data about the product per unit area.

      Companies like Pepsi, Ralph Lauren, Best buy, Victoria’s secret campaign etc. have begun using QR codes in their advertisement and product promotion. It works as a paper based hyperlink which will diminish all the gap between this physical world

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12 Ways Freelancers can monetize their blogs

      The freedom that any freelancers enjoy is an enviable fruit for those who cling on to their mundane and perpetually boring 9 to 7 work routine. With immense freedom also comes great responsibility, especially for freelancers for whom the amount of money they earn is not constant and hence their future. It is extremely tough for a freelancer to plan for a future, and especially at time where volatility has seeped the vocabulary of every businesses. So for a freelancer to hedge his future and to absorb the shock during lean times, he must have a steady inflow of income, no matter how meager it is. One of the best ways for such a steady inflow of money is through blogging.

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      Freelancing has become quite common over the years and is a good way of earning money. You get to be your own boss, choose your own timings, pick your own clients and set your own charges. However, designing a freelance contract for a freelance project can be a very daunting task. A weak contract can result in you losing your contract as well as your reputation. Below is a step-by-step procedure of drafting a freelance contract.

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Top 5 sites to find new startups and get inspired for your freelance business

      Everyday number of new startups are launched and equally number of startups are closed due to failure. But each startup remains inspirational and knowledge sharing for new business owners and especially freelancers who always want to expand the business. So this article is totally dedicated to freelancers who think out of box. Instead of doing the same activity again and again there are some innovative ideas available outside which you need to think of and apply it wherever it is applicable.

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7 Tips for Freelance Writer to Get New Clients from LinkedIn

      When it comes to finding writing gigs, freelancers know that social media may not be the most appropriate place. Facebook, Twitter and other mainstream social media websites may be good places for businesses, but for a freelancer, they can be a bit more personal than you might want to get with your clients. LinkedIn proudly differentiates itself from any other social media website by being a strictly professional social media platform but with enough personal space to establish credibility and comfort between clients and freelancers.

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