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10 ways google glass


      In recent years, there’s been a lot of talk about wearable displays and 3D glasses. The concept of wearable displays isn’t a new one; after all, who doesn’t remember the iconic image of Star Trek’s Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge’s cool-looking visor, made famous 25 years ago?

      The future appears to have arrived. The phrase that’s currently buzzing on every tech lover’s lips and lighting up message boards everywhere is Google Glass.

      For those that don’t know, Google Glass is Google’s visionary, voice-prompted computer that’s designed to mount on your head just as ordinary glasses do. Unlike boring glasses, however, Google Glass won’t improve degrading eyesight, or protect eyes from harmful UV rays;

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Google's Penguin Update: 8 Actions to be taken as a Freelance Writer

        The field of Freelance Writing is as much difficult and tricky to endure, as it is fascinating to pursue by choice. It should be noted that there are certain grounds and standards a freelance writer should abide with. To collect all these norms and to present them in helpful and appropriate manner, Google launched a specific web spam, which is named as Google Penguin Update.

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IPhone applications are not only used for entertainment purpose but also in business now-a-days. Purpose of using Iphone is more in current trend than the time when Iphone has been launched. Iphone is used in almost all applications starting from simple applications like adding contacts to address book, assigning speed dial to chat with your friends and many more advanced applications. IPhone uses Wi-Fi and 3G to connect to internet which can be used for several other purposes.

The usage of IPhone is vital in business. That too it’s most important if you are into online business. People need IPhone applications to handle their business using advanced methods by which they can outstand in high competition.

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I started my freelancing career last year on 9th June. On that note I like to write this article on same date through which I could share my one year of experience in freelancing.

Short description about myself: I am into freelancing business from my college final year and now I have completed my degree. I started working as full time freelancer. I handled nearly 100 freelancing jobs including article writing, proof reading, content writing, EBooks preparation, PPT preparation, report writing, PDF preparation etc. via Greatlance.com which is a freelancing website. I have ability to learn things easily and reproduce them to show best results. My hobbies are reading magazines, updating my writing skills, listening to music which I love to hear often.

Well, being a freelancer and working on freelancing jobs are amazing. I heard many people say that we should be serious while working. No coffee break, sit hours together in work room and do freelancing jobs one after the other. But according to me, we should work with enjoyment. If a person takes a job with stress, he/she CANNOT complete the work successfully. We need to have fun in between work, drink coffee, and refresh ourselves to give best quality results.

I would like to say few points to my fellow freelancers which will help them in their freelancing profession.

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In freelancing jobs you often come across different types of customers since you have to work in diverse projects each time. Therefore it becomes necessary for you to understand the type of customer you are dealing with and strategies to handle them effectively.

Here are the lists of types of customers and tips to deal them:

Faithful Clients:

There are many clients who trust the freelancers work. When you do more work for them then they will refer you to many other clients easily. Once you get reputation from these types of clients then you survive easily in freelancing business.

How to Deal with Them:Understand the project requirements of these clients clearly and reproduce the same to get good results. In turn, you get good name from these people easily. However you need to handle every project with care to outstand in heavy competition.

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