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QR Code for Marketing

QR Code: An Effective Tool For Marketing

      Quick Response code or a QR code is a type of 2- dimensional bar code which are similar to the currently appearing bar codes on all types of consumer products. They were originally used to track automotive parts in Japan and Korea but now area gaining attention all around the globe. The difference between QR codes and 1D standard codes lies in the fact that, QR codes can store more data about the product per unit area.

      Companies like Pepsi, Ralph Lauren, Best buy, Victoria’s secret campaign etc. have begun using QR codes in their advertisement and product promotion. It works as a paper based hyperlink which will diminish all the gap between this physical world

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How to become a guest blogger

      Expert Guest Posting Tips to Help You Find and Keep Guest Blogging Gigs.

      If you’re interested in becoming a guest blogger for the world’s top blogs, this article is for you. Here, we’ll give you insight on what top blog editors are looking for when reviewing and guest blogs. We’ll also share some powerful guest posting tips on how to get your posts approved easily.

      There are many aspects that top blog editors consider when selecting guest bloggers. Some editors are more stringent than others,

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Finding the Right Crowd with Online Marketing

      One of the mistakes that many marketers make, especially new marketers and those marketing on the web for the first time, is that they throw everything that they can into their “marketing blender” and never stop to focus. If you want to be successful with your online marketing project, it means that you are going to have to know what tactics work the best, and where to aim. After all, if you are marketing to everyone,

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Top 5 sites to find new startups and get inspired for your freelance business

      Everyday number of new startups are launched and equally number of startups are closed due to failure. But each startup remains inspirational and knowledge sharing for new business owners and especially freelancers who always want to expand the business. So this article is totally dedicated to freelancers who think out of box. Instead of doing the same activity again and again there are some innovative ideas available outside which you need to think of and apply it wherever it is applicable.

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Why Animated Explainer Video Is So Important For Any Startup Company

      Did you know that after 72 hours of visiting a certain website, people remember only 10% of the text, 65% of the images and visuals, and a staggering 90% of the video? So, if you really need to make an impression that lasts, add videos to your website.

      Before we start with serious facts and figures, let’s just picture a simple scenario. You visit websites of two different companies, each one new and previously unknown to you. The first one is a fairly made website with a nice UI and a whole page of introduction explaining their concept and the idea behind their product or service. The second one is again a well-made website with a good UI, but with minimum text and a video explaining the idea. Would your reaction be any different for both them?

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