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Pinterest can help for freelancers and SMEs.

        Like Facebook, Twitter & Groupon, Pinterest is getting more popularity in very short time especially in women circle. Similar to other social network which drives most of the freelancers, Pinterest helps freelancer in marketing, getting more inspiration on graphical images, sharing interest with new people which may be your future client.

        So it has all the same mantra what other social networking sites promises for freelancers.

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     Whenever there is a big change in brands it opens up a new way for lot of freelancers and SME’s to get benefit out of it. The latest Facebook timeline feature helps graphic designers to come up with new innovative ideas and thoughts for Timeline covers.

     Currently there are 40 million Facebook Pages approximately and facebook already made this timeline as mandatory. Just imagine the need for facebook timeline cover designs?Is not that huge?

     Yes it is! This article will help freelance graphic designers to know the basis of Facebook timeline cover designs, amazing samples to get impressed and finally to get clients on this.

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2012 Content Marketing Study And Strategy for Small Business

Without any doubt about this:

        2012 would be the great period for content marketing and as usual freelance writer will be of great demand everywhere. With the much attention centered on the creation and publication of contents that entrepreneurs did in the last year, no one is able to analyze what this year will bring. Since content marketing trends for 2012 are moving so quick, this is a glance at what would be in as well as out in 2012.

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This article tells about how twitter is useful for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME).Twitter is a marketing tool which acts as a media in having direct interaction with customers and clients. It provides an easier and quicker way of finding the interests of clients and promoting our products in market. It connects the people worldwide in marketing. As the followers in twitter, just follow us now to know more about it.


Twitter reduces the marketing and advertising costs for SME in market. SME can have direct interaction with the followers and clients. It is useful to involve ourselves fully in the areas where clients show much interest. It acts as a media for our company to connect with others in the world.

In SMEs, twitter acts as a tool in discovering our ideas, contents, links and area where we are expertise. Using twitter, one can quickly find the vendors, partners and technical people in the social media. It helps in directly promoting the products of SME to the targeted people in the market.

It boosts the level of marketing to the next level such as,

  • Small to Medium Enterprise
  • Medium to Large Enterprise

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I started my freelancing career last year on 9th June. On that note I like to write this article on same date through which I could share my one year of experience in freelancing.

Short description about myself: I am into freelancing business from my college final year and now I have completed my degree. I started working as full time freelancer. I handled nearly 100 freelancing jobs including article writing, proof reading, content writing, EBooks preparation, PPT preparation, report writing, PDF preparation etc. via Greatlance.com which is a freelancing website. I have ability to learn things easily and reproduce them to show best results. My hobbies are reading magazines, updating my writing skills, listening to music which I love to hear often.

Well, being a freelancer and working on freelancing jobs are amazing. I heard many people say that we should be serious while working. No coffee break, sit hours together in work room and do freelancing jobs one after the other. But according to me, we should work with enjoyment. If a person takes a job with stress, he/she CANNOT complete the work successfully. We need to have fun in between work, drink coffee, and refresh ourselves to give best quality results.

I would like to say few points to my fellow freelancers which will help them in their freelancing profession.

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