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Getting a client’s project, working on it, and receiving payment is the phenomenon to all freelancers. So the prime task of freelancing jobs starts by approaching a client. You can approach a client in two ways. You can communicate to old clients who have already worked with you or second method is to loom with new clients.

Here, these are effective tips to approach a new client while starting your freelance career.

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       India is developing country and it is becoming one of the biggest human resources. Number of skilled employees is rising rapidly. Now-a-days people are getting more awareness about freelancing jobs. Through this article you can get alertness on

  • Benefits of freelancing
  • How to improve your freelancing skills
  • Freelancing techniques
  • Advice for freelancers
  • Advantages of work at home freelancing

This may lead to develop India as big freelance network.

Benefits of freelancing:

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WAYS TO INCREASE WEB TRAFFIC ON WEBSITE  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is an intelligent technique used to boost traffic on websites. It helps to get your website within the first two pages of the search engines. It also used to improve your Google page rank. There is little stuff to be followed while building your site which gives good results has a whole.

Find out the most currently used search terms by the people:

       It is necessary to find out what are most frequently and presently used words to search your products. And those words can be used as Best keywords and it can be included in title tags also. These words should be updated often. Many sites can be used for search purposes.

Title tags are important:

       Near the very top of web site’s source code you will find title tags and Meta tags .Each page of website should contain title. If titles are not given or when it is incorrect it appears as “untitled” or “unknown” to the search engines. It is necessary to double check whether title tags are complete, correct and input correctly. It is necessary to include one or two keywords in title tag. Keyword stuffing must be avoided. Title should be unique and relevant to the page.

Usage of meta tags:

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