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     Whenever there is a big change in brands it opens up a new way for lot of freelancers and SME’s to get benefit out of it. The latest Facebook timeline feature helps graphic designers to come up with new innovative ideas and thoughts for Timeline covers.

     Currently there are 40 million Facebook Pages approximately and facebook already made this timeline as mandatory. Just imagine the need for facebook timeline cover designs?Is not that huge?

     Yes it is! This article will help freelance graphic designers to know the basis of Facebook timeline cover designs, amazing samples to get impressed and finally to get clients on this.

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Freelance writers have huge scope of earning money online through writing freelance jobs. They need to prepare portfolio and market their writing skills to get attention among business people in industry. By doing so they can get many writing project works.

The advantages of marketing the art of writing services would be,

  • Become more popular.
  • Get more new and existing clients projects.
  • Do profitable freelance business.

It is well known that freelance business is vast and writers are more in demand to do freelancing jobs. It is up to you to utilize these opportunities. On moving forward let’s start discussing few tips and tricks to promote your portfolio in freelance market.

Create your own website/blog:

Creating a new website doesn’t require spending lot of money and creating a big site related to business. You can just create a simple, attractive site or blog. Don’t fill all the site pages with only your success stories in writing field. Readers may get bored and move off. Therefore to hold clients’ attention, say few things that explain how passionate you are in writing freelance jobs. And also give daily news updates about writing jobs, freelance jobs in general

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Creativity is the most important quality needed for a Graphic designer. Organization may hire a graphic designer for marketing, advertising, or for any other purpose. There are some criteria based on which any organization hire a freelance graphic designer. These are some of guidelines to be followed while hiring a Freelance Graphic designer.

Experience Matters:

One of the most important considerations is experience. Whatever may be the size of organization, practiced Freelance graphic designer plays a major part. They have ability to work on complex project and finish within time limitations. But Perhaps when need is small it is preferable to hire fresh graphic designer. So cost of project work gets reduced.

Need Inspiring Ideas:

As already known creativity of graphic designer is must for any kind of work. It is a point to be kept in mind during hiring process. Freelance graphic designer must bring out innovative ideas. If they work with already exist idea, its merely waste of time and money. And also make sure they are skilled with latest technology.

Prepare Budget Correctly For Your Work:

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