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WAYS TO INCREASE WEB TRAFFIC ON WEBSITE  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is an intelligent technique used to boost traffic on websites. It helps to get your website within the first two pages of the search engines. It also used to improve your Google page rank. There is little stuff to be followed while building your site which gives good results has a whole.

Find out the most currently used search terms by the people:

       It is necessary to find out what are most frequently and presently used words to search your products. And those words can be used as Best keywords and it can be included in title tags also. These words should be updated often. Many sites can be used for search purposes.

Title tags are important:

       Near the very top of web site’s source code you will find title tags and Meta tags .Each page of website should contain title. If titles are not given or when it is incorrect it appears as “untitled” or “unknown” to the search engines. It is necessary to double check whether title tags are complete, correct and input correctly. It is necessary to include one or two keywords in title tag. Keyword stuffing must be avoided. Title should be unique and relevant to the page.

Usage of meta tags:

       The description tag and keyword tag are two primary Meta tags. Description tag is one of the more important tags. When your link is displayed first users can view this descriptive tag and decide whether to select your link or not. It is important to add applicable keywords here.

Key phrases should be positioned in right places:

       It is very important to place key phrases in right places so that search engines can recognize it. It can be placed in title tag and in Meta description. Link addresses, alt tags, Headers are other places where key word phrases can be used. Key word phrases should be two or three words in length and it should explain your business so perfectly.

Content is king:

       Content is one of the most significant factors to raise web site traffic. If your website is fascinating in content, People may use the site often and search engines will crawl your site. The content of page should be related to the title given to that page. It is essential to note whether the keywords used in text make sense.

Text links are best option:

       Text links can be used in your website than other kind of fancy menus and images. It is difficult for some of search engines to identify image maps and Frames. When images are used it is difficult for search engine to crawl very deeply into your site. With good quality in content, and especially if you have a blog, it is possible to generate links to other reputable sites. It’s merely a give and take-if you link to other sites, you will find other sites linking back to you. Also make sure your site as an easily accessible link so that other sites can easily link with your site. Remember all these are done to improve your page rank.

Following are bonus tips associated to topic which can also be implemented to increase the traffic on website:

Usage of social media marketing:

       You can join social media online so that your network expands and many join in your friend list. Create a profile explaining you and your business and join discussion forums. So people view your profile and decide whether to fix to your network or not. Since your profile is essential to market your business take time to create it professionally. Create an ad about your business and place in appropriate section of your website. Create a space for user’s response and correct your site accordingly.

Building trust:

       You can join online communities and discussion groups. Business ethics should be followed when you market your products through these Media. It will increase the fame of your industry. So people may notice your products and go through your sites to deal business.

Attracting articles:

       Articles can be created briefing your business and can be placed in your website. Attracting articles is also reason for increasing website traffic.

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Suji, marketing guru. She is a active marketer, social media examiner and also posted lots of reports on ppc management, social advertisement, etc.

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Increasing traffic to website is always of big chellenge for sme and small firms, but its good if we make sure we provide quality stuff to stand out instead of moving to lots of marketing stuff. Its better to prepare the best stuff and marketing will be done in its way. - vijay Apr 27, 2010

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