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Support Experts

Greatlance support experts are constantly monitoring the users action and respond to their queries within the timeline. Experts monitor each project posted in greatlance to avoid any sort of misleading or fake project. we also safeguard Buyers by filtering the false bids and make bidding process quite easy. Support experts strictly adhere to the timeline of each request and make all customers queries to be resolved within time.

Our support experts are highly qualified and are divided across the following 3 divisions:
  • Customer Information Management TeamCIMT

  • Project Listing & Maintenance TeamPLMT

  • Payment & Finance Management TeamPFMT

In addition to the above 3 divisions, Greatlance team is also working in Profile marketing, Project marketing, verification issues(Secured Status), mobile marketing exclusive for featured project.

Contact :


For any issues with your account: Contact corresponding Support Team with Subject as support Code-Your query subject.

(Eg: CIMT-Change of Mail Id) to

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