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Last Modified: Mar 18, 2012.

The following are the terms and conditions you must be aware of:

Acceptance of User Agreement

This is an agreement between you and (which operates the website). We request you to read the terms and conditions stated in this User Agreement carefully before you start using the site,viz. All the terms and conditions given in this User Agreement and other conditions given as reference constitute the entire agreement between you and hereinafter called Greatlance. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, please stop using this site. If you are found to be indulged in the activities that are violating this User Agreement, we may close, suspend or limit your access to our Site and/or our services to you.

Amendment of User Agreement

Greatlance has the full privilege to revise a part or whole of this User Agreement at any time, without any prior notice. And, the new Agreement will be effective from the time we post it on our site.


The individuals or business entities who have capacity to enter into agreements that are enforceable by law are eligible to use this site. However, acceptance of a person as a customer of Greatlance is purely at the option of Greatlance and Greatlance can remove the access through/to Greatlance by an account at any time, if found to be violating the eligibility criteria. It is the responsibility of each user to monitor what happens in their account and report to us of any unauthorized usage of their contents/data.

2. USERS provides an online platform for the users. There are mainly two types of users, Freelancers or Service Providers who wish to provide services (those who wish to work) and Hirers or Service Buyers who wish to seek services (those who wish to get the work done). This site provides platform for the service buyers and freelancers to identify and communicate with each other, work or get the work done.


3.1 Termination of User Accounts reserves full rights to close the account of any user who violates the User Agreement, without offering any reason or prior notice. Our Site has given privilege for any user to report against any other user for violating any of the policies and terms of the User Agreement, creating problems, involving in illegal or immoral activities and for other such reasons. will immediately terminate such accounts from using our Site.

3.2 User Relationships

The relationship between the users is independent of the website. All members of the website will have access to view any content in the website such as user profiles, posted job offers, etc. Subscribed members will have access to apply for jobs as well. This Agreement doesn’t create any partnership, joint venture, agency or employment relationship between the users as well as between the users and Greatlance. Hereby, each user agrees and acknowledges that the relationship between users is that of independent contractors only.

3.3 User Responsibilities

Every user of this site is responsible for the obligations that he/she made to other users and become liable to the users, if he/she violates it. Also, users need to be aware of the domestic laws, international laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations relevant to him/her as a Buyer or a Freelancer. Greatlance has no responsibility for enforcing any user rights. If a user violates any of the obligations made to other user, the users involved are responsible to solve the issue by enforcing any rights they have.

3.4 No Insurance

Greatlance provides just an online platform for the users to buy and sell services or work to others and is not involved in any other transactions between the Buyers and Freelancers. Hence, Greatlance does not offer any form of insurance or protection to its users. However, Paypal and other forms of payments allowed in this site give limited protection or chargeback services to the users and the users must be aware of these before doing any transactions through this site. Greatlance does Email Verification to all the user accounts which is basically done soon after the registration.

3.5 Services offered by offers a wide variety of services, benefits, content, products and other resources on the site to its users and enables them to cost effectively and extensively make use of these services to manage their careers, businesses and professions. But Users don’t have the right to sell or copy the services or content, to exploit the access or use of these services in any way. The services mainly include the response provided by our Support Team for the various queries of the users and some articles about the site and its activities. There is no warranty that these contents are accurate and up to date. None of the members are responsible for the loss or damage (either direct or indirect) that is caused by the users relying on anything contained in the contents of the site.

3.6 Terms of use

The following terms are deemed to be agreed to by the User: As already stated, provides an online platform for the users to buy and sell services and hence, every user acknowledges that is not involved in any of the transaction between the Buyer and the Seller and has no control over the quality of services provided by the Seller or the contact information provided by the users. Greatlance does not guarantee that the user will actually act in accordance with the law in using our site. There are various contents being posted in Greatlance site on various subjects such as legal, financial, health and other matters but the contents are only informational for general and non-advisory purposes and are not to be considered to be professional in medical, legal, technical or any other discipline-specific advice. If desired, users should put in their own efforts to confirm such information by professionals in the relevant fields. Since the website is dynamic and the information being changed frequently, it is possible that some information could be considered inaccurate, harmful or irrelevant to the subject that may be posted accidentally by Greatlance or purposefully by any third party, with or without a legitimate business purpose. does not monitor any access to third party contents. Therefore, any links to third party websites and the contents posted by any third parties, though legitimate under the copyright laws or any other similar laws, are not monitored by and users should not treat any link as acceptance of veracity or an endorsement. We don’t maintain resources to control, verify and validate the content which we receive or viewed on our site.

3.7 Fees earns fees as set forth in the Summary of’s Fees and Charges which can be found on the site. All fees for transactions made are expressed in US dollars unless otherwise specified. charges no fees in relation to posting of project. Users who wish to become Subscribed Users (Eligibility to apply for jobs) can apply for subscription at the rate of $10.


4.1 Opening Account

You must register for an "Account" to become a user of and to access our site and its services. By this registration you, the users, agree to provide accurate and true information about you as prompted in the Registration form and all other forms you access on this site. It is also recommended that you update this information periodically as when and needed to maintain accuracy and completeness.

4.2 Accounts will not provide any interest or other earnings on the funds which it handles as your contractor, though it may receive any interest on those funds. All payments and transactions are made in US dollars only. We reserve the rights to suspend or terminate any account which is found to be fraudulent. The user removed from the service due to violation of this User Agreement will not receive any credit or payment and will be liable for certain fees/charges described in this User Agreement.

4.3 Acknowledgement

Every user acknowledges that:
1. does not provide any banking services since it’s just an online platform for the users to buy and sell services.
2. is acting only as an agent with respect to the funds and payments made for the subscription and is not a trustee.

4.4 Inactive Accounts

A user account with incomplete information or without any activity for more than 1 year shall be considered as an “Inactive Account” and shall be canceled by at any time without prior notice.

4.5 Insufficient funds in Accounts has the rights to collect any funds owing to by any legal means if there are not sufficient funds in your user account to meet the outstanding fees and charges.

4.6 Taxes

You are responsible for paying any taxes, including any goods and services or value added taxes, which may be applicable depending on the jurisdiction of the services provided by


Greatlance automatically provides the contact information of the freelancers to the Buyer soon after a freelancer applies for the job posted by a Buyer. Buyer selects the required freelancer for his/her project. Hence, there is no need for the users to give their Email Addresses at anywhere in the site, provided they have given the Email Address while registering in Also, no other methods of communication like phone, ICQ, AIM, AON, GTalk, Yahoo, etc are allowed.


Read the following instructions carefully before providing any information in, since you are responsible for whatever content you post in the site:
                   Remember that is an online platform for users and so it provides no warranty to the user on published contents. Also, if any of the contents is found to be inappropriate, creating harm for our business operation, or cause to lose its customers or cause any other loss of similar kind, has full rights to take any action on the user who has posted such content. Each user should be aware and acknowledge the following regarding the content they post on the site: a. It will not violate any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property right, proprietary right, or right of publicity or privacy. b. It will not infringe upon any law or regulation and will not be offensive. c. It will not include any incomplete, inappropriate or false information about any users of this site or any other individual. d. It will not contain any viruses or computer programs that may damage or intercept any system, data, site information or any personal information. Also note that no copyright messages can be posted on this site, but excerpts of scripts, as examples or some sections can be posted provided the content is not exceeding 10% of the original contents. This is mainly to provide the intellectual property rights of the authors.


7.1 Advertising strictly prohibits users from advertising a website on this site. Only URLs related to a job offer on (for example, user’s portfolio, resume page, etc) are allowed to be posted in job description, job applications, etc.

7.2 Applying for Jobs or Bidding Projects

While applying for a job or a project, the freelancers must be aware that it is the total amount of money they are requesting for the project or job and is not any hourly bid or any other inappropriate type of bid. The Buyers in turn must be aware that they create projects in such a way that they require freelancers to place only for total money and not for any hourly basis or any other similar kinds of bids.

7.3 Hirer

The following terms are applicable to and are agreed by the Buyer (Service Buyers): Redistribution of any of the content from the site (includes but not limited to private messages, documents, etc) are strictly prohibited. Using the account for posting any false or misleading project descriptions are not allowed. Posting project descriptions or job details or contents that are irrelevant, inappropriate to’s viewers, customers, etc may result in termination of the account. The Buyer is prohibited from providing false information about him or any other users. All the policies being posted on the site at anytime are agreed and abided by the Buyer.

7.4 Freelancer

The following terms are applicable to and are agreed by the Freelancer (Service Providers): Redistribution of any of the content from the site (includes but not limited to private messages, documents, etc) are strictly prohibited. Using the account for posting any false or misleading project descriptions are not allowed. All the policies being posted on the site at anytime are agreed and abided by the Freelancer.

7.5 General restrictions

Every user agrees and acknowledges that: Using any manual process or automated collection mechanism to monitor or copy the site’s web pages with the contents of without prior written permission from are strictly considered to be illegal. Distribution of spam messages through the user’s account is prohibited. Contacting Service Buyers or Service Sellers through the information gained from the site with the intent of undermining them from using our Services is strictly banned. Users are not allowed to engage in personal attacks or any unprofessional online conduct or practices. Creating multiple user accounts thereby avoiding fees, suspension or bad ratings are strictly not allowed. If found, has the full rights to take necessary action on the user.

7.6 Consequences of termination

In case of termination from, users would not receive any credit or payment from provided they have violated the User Agreement. Users should pay all fees owed to and reimburse us for all losses, costs and other reasonable expenses, if any.


Freelancers are allowed for monthly subscription of $10 after which they will be able to apply for jobs or bid for a project in the website. Otherwise they can view the details in the website like user profiles, portfolios, job offerings, etc but cannot apply or bid for them. Paypal method of payment is allowed through which a user can become a subscribed user so that he can apply for the jobs or projects he/she is interested in. Once a user becomes a subscribed user by paying amount of $10, Greatlance automatically renews his monthly subscription making the user’s subscription always active. The user shall unsubscribe from the membership at any time.


Your personal information will be processed by in order to fulfill the agreement with you, perform delivery of products etc. Furthermore, we will process your personal information for marketing of campaigns, offers, new products or services. Your personal information may also be transferred between and any associated entity within the organization. At such transfer, personal data may be transferred outside Greatlance's private area. By entering into this agreement, You hereby approve such processing of your personal information as set forth above, including processing of your personal identification number, and hereby give such consent as required by the Swedish Personal Data Protection Act (Sw. personuppgiftslagen 1998:204). The consent hereby given can in whole or in part be recalled by giving written notice to us. Should you choose to recall your consent, and such recall should make our due performance of the agreement or other obligations difficult, we reserve the right to immediately terminate the agreement. Should you require further information regarding our processing of your personal information, please contact us at the address set forth below. discloses sensitive personal information only if required to comply with legal obligations or with your consent.


10.1 Copyright of

All the contents incorporated on the Site (such as text, graphics, logos, icons, audio clips, images, downloads and software, articles, etc) are the property of and are protected by Indian and International Copyright laws.

10.2 Copyright infringement

It is our policy to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. Our policy, set out below, is designed to make submitting notices of alleged infringement to us as straightforward as possible while reducing the number of notices that we receive that are fraudulent or difficult to understand or verify.

10.3 DMCA - Digital Millennium Copyright Act (United States)

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998, found at 17 U.S.C. 512 ("DMCA"), provides recourse for owners of copyrighted materials who believe that their rights under United States copyright law have been infringed upon on the Internet. Under the DMCA, the bona fide owner of copyrighted materials who has in good faith believe that their copyright has been infringed may contact not only the person or entity infringing on their copyright, but may also contact the designated agent of an Internet service provider to report alleged infringements of their protected works, when such alleged infringements appear on pages contained within the system of the Internet service provider ("ISP"). As the owner of the Site, we are committed to complying with the DMCA. Upon receipt of a properly filed complaint under the DMCA, we will block access to the allegedly infringing material. We will forward a copy of the notification of claimed copyright infringement to the alleged infringer. Anyone who believes in good faith that a notice of copyright infringement has wrongfully been filed against them may submit a notice as set out below.


The terms and policies of this User Agreement are severable, and if any policy of this Agreement is found to be invalid or non implementable, such policy may be excluded and the remaining policies will be implemented.